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Today was my deadline and just in time, I finished my WIP Big Bang fic! This thing has like taken over my brain/life for months -- I'll have to figure out what to do with myself now.

Crossposting my brag post from the Bang comm:

Story Title: The Longest Night (I promise ~ I can't promise)
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Link(s): at Ao3 (recommended); at
Summary: When Yona and her friends need shelter for the winter, Kija insists on bringing them to White Dragon Village for a traditional solstice festival honoring his ancestors. The ritual brings messages from the world of the dead, including a visit from the most honored white dragon ancestor of all — but what begins as a joyous meeting threatens to become a tragedy.
Warnings: Heavy Angst, Possible Character Death, Canonical Character Death, brief but intense violence
Characters: Kija, Ensemble, special appearance by Guen
When I Started: Not so long ago, only the beginning of this year. This grew out from my 2016 Yuletide story.
How I Lost My Shit: I don't remember if I did before signing up for the bang, although I did write a few other stories so it must have been back-burnered. Mostly, though, there were things I found challenging about this story so that I just knew I'd have trouble finishing it without some formal commitment. Embarassingly, I actually did lose my shit after posting had started; I went out of town for a weeklong family visit and really slacked off after I got back.
How I Finished My Shit: Sheer determination, but tempered with nonperfectionism. My completely-truthful mantra for this story was "I want to do this one no matter how messy it turns out." Also setting a bunch of personal deadlines way in advance of the actual deadline was helpful --- of course I ended up blowing through all of those, but each one pushed me to get a bit more done. ^_^;

And now it's finished! My beautiful rambly angsty hurty baby! I'm so proud!

Many thanks to my artist, too!
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I still get sad about how (from my POV at least) the whole Safety Pin thing went down.

I wore one for a few weeks after the election, but pretty soon I gave up and fled the circular firing squad.  The message I was getting was, "If you wear one of these you had better be perfectly right-thinking and also a superhero highly trained in conflict de-escalation and preferably a martial art or two."  It wasn't enough to say "I'm safe" as in "I intend in good faith not to hurt you," it had to be "I'm a savior; I will keep you safe," but then you got into (justifiable) criticism of the white liberal savior syndrome...  At any rate just a simple gesture of solidarity didn't feel wanted or good enough.

Some days that does fill me with as much political despair as anything else.
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Reflected Light (7140 words) by foxinthestars
( mirror)
Chapters: 1/1 (Complete)
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jae-Ha & Shin-Ah
Characters: Shin-Ah (Akatsuki no Yona), Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona), Ensemble Cameos
Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Mirrors, Shin-Ah POV, set before Yellow Dragon reveal, Blanket Permission

Summary: A mirror gives Shin-ah a new kind of sight, showing him the one thing usually hidden from him. He has a chance to see his own eyes, and to see them the way Yona sees them — but exploring the possibility means dealing with the mirror’s owner.


As Shin-ah stared at the mirror, little Ao climbed up his arm until she reached it and gave an excited “P’kyuu!” at the image of a second squirrel. [...  S]he leaped into Shin-ah’s robe, retrieved a nut, and scampered over to make a friendly gift to the other squirrel. The two of them knocked their matching nuts together with a tiny tik, tik sound. Ao finally dropped her nut to make room — and the other nut vanished too.

As Ao blinked at the other squirrel, Shin-ah noticed that the other Shin-ah’s mouth had moved.

Let me see your smiling face, okay?’ He remembered Yona’s voice. ‘Lift the edges of your mouth and perk up a smile. I’m sure it will be lovely.’

As he looked at it directly and tried to catch it, it slipped away, but for a moment, the edges of his mouth had lifted up all on their own.

I… smiled.

Yay, more AkaYona fic!  Now I need to turn to that WIP Big Bang story, I need a draft within a month...

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For like two days now I’ve been tense and headachey and tired. I tried taking tylenol but it didn’t seem to do anything to the headache. I’ve had the luxury to try sleeping a lot but it doesn’t seem to have helped. I hate to take my xanax because I’m already tired and I’m afraid it’ll knock me out completely, and I hate to drink caffeine because I’m afraid it’ll make me even more tense.

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Well, my anime season is, for the moment, shot. First the new MST season hit, then Nyaa died (which I can work around but yes, it's a disruption for me), so I just kind of decided to let it slide. If I go back and catch up on anything, it'll be Uchouten Kazoku.

But in the meantime, I was having a craving to watch Kdrama, so I decided to indulge that instead.

Watching Kdramas as an AkaYona fan, especially The Legend )

Leave It In

May. 8th, 2017 08:30 am
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When I was a girl and consumed all manner of Writer's Digest Book Club books on how to write, one of the lessons was that a story should be streamlined.  Like, one passage I can recall was, roughly, "don't cut off your story's head, but do cut out all the fat" (ie, everything that isn’t strictly necessary).

But now as a fanfic writer, my sense is that at least for this audience that's not necessarily right?  Or is less strict?  Like, it is an important skill to know when something's not working or doesn't belong and cut it out --- but if a scene is good and enjoyable on its own, not detrimental to the whole but not really necessary, it seems like fanfic readers in general would rather it be left in where standard Writing Advice would be to cut it out.  Like in fanfic there's more tolerance for rambling and enjoying the sights along the way.

(Or maybe I just want to think this because my WIP is rambling.)

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I had a sleep-dream last night.  It was vaguely Star Wars-themed, which is odd because I'm not big into Star Wars and haven't even seen Rogue One, but anyway, we were smuggling a surprisingly pulpy old book that was a historical artifact that the Empire feared and wanted to destroy...

But the thing that struck me was what we called the anti-Empire, the good government that we wanted to work for and restore.  We called it "The Great Resource."

And I'm like, yeah, socialist that I am, that is what my brain would call the ideal government, isn't it?
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(Crossposted from tumblr because I don't even know what goes where anymore.)

Update re: AkaYona cosplay and body image issues…

Yeah, thinking about doing an AkaYona cosplay as a fat woman did sting, but I already knew that I could probably claim it somehow if I gave it more thought (and whether I end up actually doing it or not, at least finding some way into the option would be healthier than giving in to the sense of “not for you”).

One obvious option was to invent an OC (previous generation dragon warrior, white dragon villager, etc), and while it might work if I really did go all the way and give that person a story, my initial reaction to that option was “that just makes it worse!” — it was just rubbing it in that “you are not a main character; you are not Chosen.”

So going back to the main characters, I thought, is there one that I could really imagine looking like me in that way…

And I decided it was Yona.

I mean, it’s a very short walk to a Chubby Yona AU — just suppose she favored her dad’s end of the gene pool a bit more.  And when I tried to imagine what that AU would be like, I think that hearteningly little would actually change.  The people who love her would still totally love her.  Hell, I think the guys who pick her up would still do it without any serious fussing.  Hak would probably needle her about it sometimes but it wouldn’t be anything meaner than when he needles her about her appearance in canon (::coughselfdefence::).  It might add something to Yoon’s initial disgust with her (him having grown up hungry and all), but he’d get over it just like in canon.  It would make no difference to Kija or Shin-ah.  Jae-ha (at least my Jae-ha muse) wouldn’t say anything disparaging because that would be unchivalrous.  And I imagine Zeno having a big-smiley line about “The Miss is soft and cuddly!”  Yona/Lili, still shippable.  The Senjusou test might have to change somehow since it involved the ability to physically fit into a tight space.  On the other hand, I can’t find it right now, but I’m sure I saw something in recent years about an overweight women’s archery champion IRL, so there’s no barrier there.

Or, for even more canon compliance, one could imagine her taking more after her dad as she gets older — and the people who love her would still totally love her.

So yeah, maybe there’s a way to do this (if I decide to put in the time and money).

Or maybe fanart.
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Some discursive ramblings on a whim...

I hear a lot about the role of shame in East Asian cultures, so it strikes me as ironic* that after marinating myself in a bunch of East Asian media and then going back to the American stuff, shame is like the first thing I notice in the American stuff.  American media thinks shame/embarrassment is a great way to teach and a go-to way to be funny.  As someone with an embarrassment squick it trips me up constantly.  (At this very moment I'm pausing my mostly-fun first-ever viewing of Kung Fu Panda for the Xth time to process tripping over vicarious embarrassment again.)  I wonder if this is possibly WHY I'm so drawn to East Asian media --- I mean it's not like it never does it but it feels like it's less?

(*Note this doesn't prove or disprove the broader cultural observation.  It's totally conceivable that a culture where shame is serious business would deal it out less glibly in media [EDIT: or that it is there but not in the forms my own culture has conditioned me to react to/be squicked by].  I'm not qualified to say whether that's the answer but it's possible.)

Looking at shame from another, representation-y angle is how I ended up watching Kung Fu Panda actually.  Y'all might have noticed I'm head over heels for Akatsuki no Yona right now, and I still absolutely adore it, but the thought "could I cosplay this?" gave me a big ol' faceful of body image dysphoria**.  That was where I was earlier today when I got around to sampling Voltron: Legendary Defender on my Netflix trial*** and I was NOT ready for its treatment of Hunk.  ("Okay, if he's stuck in this garbage can, I'm leaving. ...  Okay, so he is stuck and I lied, I'll stick it out to the end of the pilot, but you're on probation, show.")  Between that and throwing in crass "humor" indiscriminately, I rated the pilot "not a keeper."

And then I was like "goddammit, I need something with a fat hero."  (I also may need to re-read the Jes Baker book, having finally bought myself a copy.)   So I started watching Kung Fu Panda.  I'm not to that part quite yet, but it's been credibly promised, and the other heroes have been called out for their fat-shaming and are starting to see the light.  It helps some.  (But even here, to take one detail, Netflix’ summary of the movie refers to Po as “lazy” and I see no actual evidence in the film that he’s lazy.)

(**I did cosplay for Halloween last year --- as Link.  I could slip that one through because Link can be incarnated as anybody.  Not gonna work this time.)
(***BTW, the binge kind of petered out before completing and I'm still working on the new MST3K eps.)
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The new season of MST3K is now live on Netflix!

I said I was going to wait until today but I don't know who I was kidding; as soon as I had the early backer access I was wallowing in it --- although I did switch to Netflix when it went live to show my support.  I'm halfway through the season now and enjoying it!  The movie riffs in particular really hit the ground running.

It's actually kind of shot my week all to heck.  I probably won't make my chosen weekly goal on my WIP Big Bang story, and my anime viewing has been put on hold while I binge on MST (and may stay on hold afterward while I decide whether to cram Voltron: Legendary Defender into my free month of Netflix).

At this point I've pretty much decided to embrace the binge --- like, the fastest way past it is through it.  And what the heck, my favorite TV show ever being revived after 18 years is a special occasion.

Meanwhile in anime news, Hyouka has finally been licensed!  Man I loved that show -- haven't watched a whole lot of KyoAni stuff, but of what I've seen that's by far my favorite.  Will be on the lookout for the DVD release.
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I did indeed sign up for [ profile] wipbigbang.  Signups are now closed and the first check-in is this coming Sunday, so I need to get cracking now!  (This is actually my first big bang, so I'll have to see how it goes.)

Also this week is the premiere of the return of MST3K!  Yesterday, I got to see a preview of the first new episode and, well, it's MST3K.  The initial scenes at Gizmonic didn't quite click for me as a narrative hook, but the new Mads and their skull helmet band are already charming me (I swear the band was riffing on the Wild Rebels Cereal jingle at some point).  Jonah and the bots are --- well, they're an MST crew.  They haven't wowed me yet but they're doing fine, and this show has had cast changes before.  They always take a bit to settle but they've always been great.  It's nice to see Gypsy actually performed by a woman and possibly being a bit more free to act (what was with the cooler she brought into the theater?), and I did enjoy the international monster rap and got it stuck in my head.  The first movie, Reptilicus, was almost too cheesy to really shine, but the commentary was good.  So far, well, this is MST3K --- nothing more, nothing less.  And in my book, that's awesome.

The new season premieres for real this Friday on Netflix, so I signed up for a free trial to see if it would work, and miracle of miracles it actually did, despite my crappy ISP!  (I also get downloads as a backer bonus, but I'll watch it on Netflix first for convenience and to show my support.)  The good news is that it works; the bad news is that, browsing around, I had the feeling my tastes were too niche for it to be worth the money on an ongoing basis.  So like, I'll watch the new MST season and maybe try Voltron: Legendary Defender and then probably cancel because I'd rather be watching niche anime and trying period/costume Kdramas.

Between the Big Bang starting and the MST squee, though, I may have to be more ruthless with the new anime season and set a higher bar for sampling and watching so I don't get overstretched.
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[community profile] artfeverfest gifts are now live at Ao3!

I signed up hoping to push myself out of my artist's block, but it just wasn't happening, so I defaulted a few weeks back.  I made confession and apology in my recipient comment, which I hope wasn't a downer for my artist.

Because as it turns out, I did get a gift, an illustration for my Natsume Yuujinchou fic Seven Year Promise.  (Content Note: especially if you haven't read the fic, the image is rather dark; Natsume is having a recurring nightmare where he's drowning, but it gets better by the end of the story.)

Thank you, anonymous artist!

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Two more shows:

KADO: The Right Answer: Now this is interesting.  A first contact government procedural, yum!  Okay, I have kind of weird taste.  But lately I find it refreshing when a show is about mature adults (give or take a somewhat annoying genki-girl physicist).  Our hero is a bureaucrat, a negotiator for the Japanese government, and he ends episode 0 and starts episode 1 by delivering what I take to be the show's statement of intent:
"Getting what's in your interest is the goal of negotiations.  But defeating your opponent and temporarily gaining what you want will always come back to bite you in the long term.  What's best for you is giving both parties something in their interest.  ...  There isn't just one answer, for one thing.  We aren't gods.  We'll never know what was right --- and what was the right answer --- for our whole lives.  But, even if we don't know, we just have to keep looking."

And well... that works for me.

"Episode 0" is a kind of gaiden where our hero shows us what he means by that, seeing through the motives behind an assignment and thinking outside the box to achieve an unexpected win-win solution, and it's all very down to earth until at the end of ep 0/beginning of ep 1 --- immediately after that speech in fact ---


Yes, some extraterrestrial and/or supernatural force appears in the form of a giant psychedelic cube which envelops our hero's plane.  The show spends ep 1 going all government procedural on it (not unlike an old kaijuu movie, come to think of it), and our hero doesn't re-emerge until the end, but I actually like this kind of granular and deliberate approach.  It mostly feels believable and lived in, down to a moment when an onlooker at the Hippie Borg incident drops her ice cream.

Plus our hero has an adorable relationship with his air-headed work partner/roommate and is now apparently friends with a white-haired prettyboy from outer space, if that sweetens the pot for ya.  BTW, women aren't especially numerous, but other than perhaps genki-girl physicist, the ones who do appear are treated as serious professionals.

I have heard someone worry that this is going to devolve into "Yay Japan" nationalist propaganda, and I think that's a genuine risk, but for now, I'm on board.  For the first time this season, firmly: Watch.

Before moving on, though, I do want to talk about Kado's animation --- because a lot of it is cell-shaded CG.  Lately I've been impressed by what they can do with that, but it still does look a little odd, and I've never actually committed to watching a show that was done that way* until now.  On this show, I'd say it looks quite good.  It helps that the visual style is pretty down-to-earth and conservative, so they're not pushing the CG to do a bunch of stuff it can't.  Actually the biggest issue was that they switch back and forth between the two techniques (ep 0 is mostly 2-d), and I kept distracting myself trying to spot what was being used when --- and it was distracting because it's to the point it almost blends, like the seams are clearly there but they're not instantly obvious.  When it is CG, it's noticeable in the tightness of forms and that floaty quality to the motion, but I didn't think it looked bad at all.  If anything, it adds something to the appeal.  All right, technology, I'm ready --- show me what you've got.

And the other sampled show for now...

Tsuki ga Kirei: I want to like this show.  It's lovely to look at, with appealing character designs and a nostalgic and luminous sense of color.  (Admittedly I got distracted by CG crowd scenes here and there, but the good far outweighs the bad, visually.)  The storytelling emphasizes tenderly-observed and subtly-conveyed emotion.  Occasionally the reaction shots of "uh"-ing and staring are a bit overplayed, but mostly it's good.  The leads are clearly falling for each other without either of them having to say a word.  My personal favorite bit is when their families happen to go to the same restaurant and the boy finds himself in front of the girl at the soda fountain; he moves to another machine and gets iced coffee instead --- whether to make way for her or to impress her with his maturity or both, we're not told and I'm not sure he even knows, but the moment doesn't fully land until he actually tries to drink the stuff and finds it too bitter for him.  On the downside, the emphasis on a social media app goes to the point of feeling like product placement and the boy's Osamu Dazai fandom generates more clunkiness (and in one moment more cringiness) than he can understand, but so far, this seems to be a slice-of-life school-days romance with its heart in the right place and a sweet, subtle touch.  If only it weren't so boring.  I want to like it, but there's just no hook to bring me back for another episode.  The show didn't do anything wrong to speak of, it just didn't do enough right to overcome my general apathy toward school-days romances.  Drop, but gently.

The still-to-watch pile as of now: Kabukibu!, Re: Creators, and I caught myself being like "c'mon, where's the period fantasy?" so I might belatedly give Granblue Fantasy a try.  Plus the new Uchouten Kazoku season starts tomorrow!  Or today maybe, time zones and such...

*The closest I've previously come to watching a cel-shaded CG anime was Ronja the Robber's Daughter, which actually looked quite good as I recall, but...  Gorou Miyazaki was trying too hard to be his dad, I think.  Like, I love the animation of a heartfelt gesture (see also really wanting to like Tsuki ga Kirei), but that show just did it constantly until it felt like way too much cream in the tea.  So I'd say that one was brought down for me by its pacing, although the animation got caught up in the problem.
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So, I'm sampling first eps of the Spring anime season more thoroughly than I have for a while.  My thoughts on the first three shows I've checked out:

Alice and Zouroku: This one was on my radar going in, and the double-length opener was middling-fair.  ESPers vs. evil government scientists is an old plot but one I like.  Mixing it with "cute girls" doesn't add sugar for me (oh yeah and there's some Alice in Wonderland theming I don't care about), but throwing in a crotchety grandpa type normal was enough to get me interested, and that's basically what I got, although the pieces are just now in place and I don't know how everything is going to balance going forward.  The show hasn't done much to elevate itself or even offer credible promises thereof, but I'm interested enough to give it another ep or two to see how it pans out and it at least looks like decent popcorn viewing if I don't have too much else to do.  Animation-wise, the use of CGI was kind of clunky but not unbearable, and the loose, cartoony art style isn't especially compelling but I mostly like it.  Tentative watch.

The Royal Tutor:  I would call this show "pretty-boys and window dressing," but the word "and" implies the enumeration of two separate things.  This is apparently supposed to be about a collection of quirky, charmingly-flawed princes and their inspiring and redeeming relationship with their lilliputian teacher, but the charm and redemption aren't clicking for me.  The princes are only mildly interesting and the titular tutor isn't living up to who the show is trying to sell him as for me, so I'm left mostly with boredom.  The ending sequence did offer a tantalizing glimpse of what the show is supposed to be, but if it couldn't put its best foot forward any better than this, I don't think it's worth my time to wait around for that show to materialize.  "Lazy animation" is also a strangely fine line for me; if it's done judiciously and skillfully I can actually be impressed by it ("Oh, how elegantly economical"), but sometimes the illusion just comes crashing down and this is a show where it did ("Oh, they're just moving the image of the carriage across the background;" "Oh, there's no motion on the screen except for lip flap;" etc.).  Drop.

Sagrada Reset: This is, like, a collection of philosophical essays packaged as a high school slice of life with supernatural elements.  It comes off with this odd hybrid feel, like the earnestness of an auteur b-movie but utterly bloodless.  I wouldn't call it pretentious, though, just abstracted.  It doesn't help that the male lead comes off as mildly pushy/creepy to me, while the female lead is practically emotionless and the explanation for it goes by too quickly and abstractly to get any traction.  The animation looked good to me, though (economical, but in this case it holds up), and the sense of atmosphere is well realized and fitting.  Again, there's a narrative hook in literally the last few seconds (it's the next ep preview this time), but again, the first ep doesn't convince me that it's worth my time to stay on board.  Drop.

The still-to-watch pile as of now: "Kado: The Right Answer" and "Tsuki ga Kirei."
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So, the Winter anime season is ending and Spring is starting.

The only Winter show I ended up watching was Scum's Wish, and I'm glad I saw it.  Its strength is its emotional rawness, which seemed very pointed at the beginning, but toward the end it got kind of vague, and in places unexpectedly simplistic?  Or at least it seemed that way to me (as I noted when I mentioned it before, being some flavor of ace might mean that a certain amount of this goes over my head, because it is very much about the messiness of teen sexuality).  I say simplistic but not formulaic.  The ending was a bold move for a romance story but a satisfying move for this one, and another of those "simplistic" things would probably seem more "wow" to somebody else than it did to me.  In general, I'd say I cried a lot in a good way but couldn't fully relate.  So I'm glad I saw it, but I don't think it's something I'll really go back to?  (Also I seem to have a track record of finding high school romances ok as I'm watching them but ultimately forgettable, just as a matter of personal taste.)

And for a more fun note (where "fun" roughly equals "schadenfreude"), after an entire season of enjoying the snarky reviews, I finally gave in and watched the first episode of Hand Shakers.  OMG, it was even worse than the snarky reviews had prepared me for.  The colors were at once psychedelic and washed out.  The 2-d animation couldn't make a single movement look smooth.  At any given moment most of the screen was taken up with cheap-looking CGI, and not only did the 2-d pop out from it, it frequently popped out from itself.  The camera work was way overdone with unnecessary moves and effects.  The music, when I noticed it, was either oddly absent or deserved the name of "muzak."  And then there was the writing, which was awful from the micro level of conversations peppered with non-sequiturs all the way up to the macro level whereupon almost nothing that happened in the episode happened for any discernible reason.  So yeah, ep 1 was good for a laugh, but I feel no need to continue.

But Spring is Here!  Uchouten Kazoku and Natsume Yuujinchou have new seasons, and some of the other stuff looks interesting.  Maybe I'll be a bit more ambitious this time (and you know, take on more than one current-run show), but I'll just be doing what I usually do, watching the preview guides at ANN and AniFem and seeing how it all looks.  (Of course sometimes you can't tell from that --- I'm keenly aware that my beloved AkaYona didn't look like much in the preview guide --- but you do what you can.)

BTW, I'm still sitting on my stockpile of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and don't know when I'll get to it.  For the next week or so I may focus on sampling the new season, then I'd scouted out some K-dramas I wanted to try, and on the anime front I thought it would be nice to watch something a bit lighter --- I mean seriously the last few anime I've watched have been Mawaru Penguindrum, Uchouten Kazoku S1, and Scum's Wish; it's time to lighten up a little.  Maybe finally get to Snow White with the Red Hair...
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More AkaYona fic! This one's a ficlet, a rough stone I perhaps-inadvisedly dug up, but with some help I was able to polish it up into something I like.
Curls (626 words) by foxinthestars
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jae-Ha & Yona
Characters: Yona (Akatsuki no Yona), Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona)
Additional Tags: Ficlet, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Light Angst, canon-check fail but still worth it IMO, Blanket Permission

Caught in the rain with Jae-ha, Yona finds what might be some unexpected common ground. mirror
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One of the things I love about Akatsuki no Yona is that it seems like often, when I find myself afraid that some tired bullshit is about to happen, it somehow gets averted or mitigated.

Cut for examples... )
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Well, looks like I'm posting irregularly these days. I've actually been feeling depressed and disorganized lately, especially since Daylight Savings Time started here in the US. Plus my anxiety has been worse for even longer than that (like it's been harder to get myself to drive). But various things march on...

I'm poking at tumblr more and trying to figure out how it works, now that I have a fandom to tempt me (AkaYona). All still very new to me...

Exchange-wise, Night on Fic Mountain's tagset isn't tempting me, but I am seriously considering signing up for [ profile] wipbigbang.

Still working on fics, slowly but surely...

And after staking out the store where I have credit for weeks to no avail, I've just about talked myself out of buying Zelda: Breath of the Wild immediately. See the above anxiety flareup; it's going to make playing video games that much harder (or make the choke points in them that much more brutal at least), and while I acknowledge the coolness of the new game's "experiment (and die a lot)" approach, for me personally it sounds more stressful than fun right now. So like, I'm in a place where I *want* to want to play this a lot more than I actually do want to play it, it's rather pricy just to get for collection value, and if I do find myself wanting to play it, I'd be shocked if they took it out of the eShop anytime soon and I even have enough free space on my Wii U for it, so I don't have to worry about missing it for good (ah, the glories of digital distribution). I do want it enough that it's a nice thing to leave on my wishlist, though.

Without that demand on my toy money, I am becoming tempted by a Kindle Paperwhite...
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Agh, I've been a stranger for over a week now, but I found betas for my fic, and it is now posted:

Medicine and Poison (9937 words) by foxinthestars
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona), Yoon | Yun, Four Dragon Warriors, Garou (Akatsuki no Yona) - in flashbacks
Summary: Locked in a cell in Xing, Jae-ha must deal not only with his fresh injuries but also with an old problem: the paralyzing treachery of his own mind. It draws him into memories of one of the darkest moments of his past, but in the present, Yoon and the other dragons need him — and he needs them. mirror

Ahh! I'm pleased with this one but it's a relief to get it out the door. Need to get back to drafting new stuff now...


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