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Today was my deadline and just in time, I finished my WIP Big Bang fic! This thing has like taken over my brain/life for months -- I'll have to figure out what to do with myself now.

Crossposting my brag post from the Bang comm:

Story Title: The Longest Night (I promise ~ I can't promise)
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Link(s): at Ao3 (recommended); at
Summary: When Yona and her friends need shelter for the winter, Kija insists on bringing them to White Dragon Village for a traditional solstice festival honoring his ancestors. The ritual brings messages from the world of the dead, including a visit from the most honored white dragon ancestor of all — but what begins as a joyous meeting threatens to become a tragedy.
Warnings: Heavy Angst, Possible Character Death, Canonical Character Death, brief but intense violence
Characters: Kija, Ensemble, special appearance by Guen
When I Started: Not so long ago, only the beginning of this year. This grew out from my 2016 Yuletide story.
How I Lost My Shit: I don't remember if I did before signing up for the bang, although I did write a few other stories so it must have been back-burnered. Mostly, though, there were things I found challenging about this story so that I just knew I'd have trouble finishing it without some formal commitment. Embarassingly, I actually did lose my shit after posting had started; I went out of town for a weeklong family visit and really slacked off after I got back.
How I Finished My Shit: Sheer determination, but tempered with nonperfectionism. My completely-truthful mantra for this story was "I want to do this one no matter how messy it turns out." Also setting a bunch of personal deadlines way in advance of the actual deadline was helpful --- of course I ended up blowing through all of those, but each one pushed me to get a bit more done. ^_^;

And now it's finished! My beautiful rambly angsty hurty baby! I'm so proud!

Many thanks to my artist, too!
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Agh, I've been a stranger for over a week now, but I found betas for my fic, and it is now posted:

Medicine and Poison (9937 words) by foxinthestars
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona), Yoon | Yun, Four Dragon Warriors, Garou (Akatsuki no Yona) - in flashbacks
Summary: Locked in a cell in Xing, Jae-ha must deal not only with his fresh injuries but also with an old problem: the paralyzing treachery of his own mind. It draws him into memories of one of the darkest moments of his past, but in the present, Yoon and the other dragons need him — and he needs them. mirror

Ahh! I'm pleased with this one but it's a relief to get it out the door. Need to get back to drafting new stuff now...
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Okay, that fic I said I had drafted last week --- I think I've done what I can do with it on my own and it's time to ask for (an)other pair(s) of eyes.

The basics:

Word Count: About 10k
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona --- but the story also heavily involves mental health issues so if someone would be willing to look at it from that angle, I would appreciate it, canon knowledge or no.
Rating: T, I think. (see draft tags for more info)
Desired Harshness: Honest but Gentle; I'm serious about this but I'm also super self-conscious and socially anxious. Framing suggestions as "I" statements seems to help.

The details:

Draft tags and summary under the cut )
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I just realized, that story I drafted actually covers my HC Bingo challenge stamp. It'll even be done after the deadline, so I can not-have the banner like I wanted.
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Yesterday, I finished a draft of a fanfic!


Next steps involve canon review and searching for betas.


More about writing anxieties... )
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Today while journaling, I found myself wanting a word like "headcanon" but implying less commitment.

What I came up with: "muse-whisper."

I like it; I may have to use it again.

(I mean, I guess I could say "idea" but that's not as pretty.)
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Apparently I'm in the mood to blabber about writing issues.

Fox re-reads old stuff, feels vaguely wistful, thinks about how to get writing done )

One thing that's been really helpful for me getting writing done is social support. During this past Yuletide, [personal profile] ahavah invited me to a Chatzy she runs where they do online write-ins:

Write Now! WonderCabin (no registration required)

So if any of you want to come and write with me, the current write-in times (US Central) are 7-9 pm on Mondays and 10 am - noon on Fridays. I'm looking into scheduling another one, too (probably Wednesday or Thursday at 10 am or 7 pm --- please speak up if you want to come and have a preference).
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(I need to post more often and like, practice actually posting things that come into my head, hence this.)

One of my favorite things about Ao3 probably belongs under the category "pathetically grateful," but I just love having text-formatting options.

Back when I had my own fannish website, I could do it any way I wanted, of course, but I'm comparing to, which I don't despise, but gods dammit, why are you terrified of my typographical choices? AFAIK my old (as in "wrote these in high school") FF6 stories are still sitting on looking like s**t because they stripped the em-dashes and whatever I was using for scene breaks or some such idiocy and I'm too embarrassed to look at the stuff to go back and fix it.


I can use scene-break markers of my own choosing! I picked some of those for reasons! (Fushigi Yuugi: The Mirrorverse uses seven asterisks --- seven stars, 'natch. Seven Year Promise uses seven asterisks if the POV is changing and only one if it's not to suggest a harder or softer break. My Allison & Lillia stuff uses a pattern of asterisks that stands for the two "first generation" couples on either side and their kids not quite meeting yet in the middle.)

I can use blockquotes! I never needed them before, but dang Wear My Fearsome Power looks nicer that way --- being that big sections of it are being read out of a book in-universe and all.

I can make links and not be suspected of being a cyber-terrorist! I tend not to use them in the story itself, but it's so nice to be able to put them in author's notes.

And I can tell Ao3 to insert white space and it ACTUALLY ****ING DOES IT WITHOUT STRIPPING IT OUT. I can use THAT for a scene break if I want! White space was a big high-concept deal in Seven Year Promise of course, but the fic I'm drafting now just has kind of an ending and then a little "hours later" coda and it just feels right to use a longish white space there AND I CAN JUST BECAUSE.

On Ao3. On, nope --- horizontal rulers, that's all you get. (Not that I don't love horizontal rulers but THEY ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR ME.)

So yeah. I'm not down with hate for the most part, but this is why I've declared it a "deprecated mirror" for my work.
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Yay! I have a complete draft of the New Year's Resolution story I wanted to do! Details are classified at this point, but there was a treat I considered doing during Yuletide; I swore off doing treats to focus on my main assignment (it was a good decision), but the bunny wouldn't leave, so here we are. I'm pretty pleased!

I think I'll read it through one more time this evening. Then, since I'm not on a strict deadline, I think it would be good to let it rest for a few days or a week and go over it again, then I'll try to find a beta. Whether I'll have enough self-control to wait, we'll see...

(Also, many thanks to the person who did some recon for me! They know who they are.)
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Scanlation came out for the latest Akatsuki no Yona chapter, 134.5. It's a fluffy bit of New Years filler in which nothing much happens, and yet...

Should it bother me to be jossed? )
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I'm having some computer trouble right now, but I still have my laptop so it hopefully shouldn't be debilitating. (Disruptive for me, but I can manage.)

Anyway, now that the new year has begun, my belated report on Christmas and timely report on Yuletide!

Christmas haul, plus fanfiction for Chalice by Robin McKinley, Legend of Zelda, and I can finally reveal my overachieving Yuletide assignment and squee about AKATSUKI NO YONA, OMG AKATSUKI NO YONA )


Dec. 28th, 2016 09:06 am
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I want both spellings of gray/grey. In my mind, "gray" is cool or neutral-toned, and "grey" is warm-toned.
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Me, writing anime fanfiction:

"I just keep worrying if I'm capturing these people's full complexity..."

::stops, blinks, suddenly amused at herself::


PS: Yes, of course it is a valid concern, but anything that can puncture my perfectionism is helpful for me.

PPS: And the title is because yes, of course this was inspired by the MST3K line from one of those cheesy mad scientist movies: "Those animals! They're using guinea pigs as guinea pigs!"
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I'm doing Yuletide again. I've become quite committed to doing it every year as a personal tradition. (Like, it and one other exchange per year seems to be about right.)

Still planning my offers, and taking it as a push to explore some canons I'd been meaning to get to or thought would be good to see but never had. I should probably keep mum about what those are, but it's been fun, and I'm down to one thing I want to dive into before I finalize my plans.

I guess I can say some things I've looked into but decided not to offer, though.

I had been meaning to read A Redtail's Dream and am now about halfway through. Really liking it, but the Finnish cultural context is vital to it, and I don't know enough about that to competently write fic. So, crossed off the offer list but still open in a tab to finish reading soon. In general I have this annoyance where if I go into a comics store/section, I want to want something, but I can never find anything I actually want; webcomics are probably just a better place for me to look.

Also due to this I got around to playing the Stella Glow demo on my 3DS. Looks interesting (and very very anime), but I finally crossed it off the list due to the money and time commitment that playing it through in time to write something would entail. It's on my wishlist now, though.

Anyway, my Dear Author letter should be posted early next week. It'll mostly be prompts recycled from previous exchanges, but what the heck.
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I just stopped worrying and posted the Zelda fic.

Granny Syrup's Charms for Ladies (3098 words) by foxinthestars
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Link (Legend of Zelda), Malon (Legend of Zelda), Syrup (Legend of Zelda), Ezlo (Legend of Zelda)
Additional Tags: One more sidequest before the dungeon, (mostly) Silent Protagonist, cartoon violence, Sex Ed topics, all pretty innocent though, trigger warning: embarrassment

Trouble at Lon Lon Ranch sends Link on a sidequest to discover Witch Syrup’s secret basement inventory, but even once he makes it in, just what it is she’s selling down there is a puzzle to him.

Also available at

Fairy Tales

Jan. 5th, 2016 09:14 am
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Once Upon a Fic is on again for this year. I'm not planning to sign up this time (still thinking that any writing time I assemble I should use on more self-determined projects), but it was a good time last year, so if anyone else likes the idea of fairy tale fic, I can recommend it.

Speaking of fairy tales, I did feel like it had been too long since I watched any anime. Snow White with the Red Hair had sounded good, I just never got around to it, and now it has a new season starting up, so I thought I'd give it a go. I decided on one episode per day, and... Well, it's not so compelling that I've broken that resolution. Pretty fluffy so far (3 eps in), but I like it. I get the sense that it's for a pretty young target audience. The heroine's strength and independence is the main theme (the results are mixed so far but I appreciate it), and the charming prince is a shamelessly-legitimate sweetheart.


Dec. 18th, 2015 09:28 am
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My Yuletide fic has a complete draft, which I went ahead and posted as proof against defaulting. Sent off a beta request.

My heart just isn't in Yuletide like usual, and I don't have the fire for anything beyond my assignment this year (or if I do, I'd rather apply it to projects of my own).


Nov. 20th, 2015 09:12 am
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While I'm trying to clear away dust...

It's been way too long since I actually posted fanfic.

I did sign up for Yuletide again, and I have I think a solid idea and part of a draft, but I'm not focused and excited like I was last year, so I don't know if I'll go above and beyond and do treats and drabbles and such.

The Legend of Zelda obsession has also led to one cute little fic, but for now I'm sitting on it. I told myself I should actually finish the game it's set during* before moving ahead, although there is that element of "was this a good idea? will anyone like this but me...?"

*Minish Cap --- I'm most of the way through the next-to-last dungeon and I WON THE @#%@ing CUCCO-CHASING GAME, w00t!
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A thought that’s occurred to me lately…

It seems like when I see transformative works that are acknowledged as “artistic” or similarly virtuous (not to mention legally legitimate), they always have this kind of hipster irony about them. They’re sort of a sly deconstruction, or they mix artistic/realistic registers so as to critique the illusion, or something like that.

And that kind of irony doesn’t particularly interest me.

Not saying it’s not valid and a valuable tool and a good stance for the people who are drawn to it, but I’m just not drawn to it most of the time, and I think fandom (fanfic-land), while inclusive of it, doesn’t have that kind of ironic default stance.

Which is good. Given that irony seems to enable the above-mentioned validation, to engage with the source unironically is courageous, IMO.

Of course, “unironic” does not mean “uncritical,” and it can offer its own kind of subversion. Irony seems to shoot above and below at the same time: it suggests a kind of intellectual superiority over the source but doesn’t presume to challenge it on its own ground. On the other hand, a fan-creator who engages unironically with the source is potentially claiming a position of equal seriousness and dignity with the original creators — looking them in the eye and saying “I am just as good as you and I have just as much right to shape this material in my own way.”

Which is pretty damn courageous and subversive. And personally, as a stance from which to create transformative work, I find it more interesting. (At least most of the time.)
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Okay, you know that thing where you just can’t help writing fanfic for something that doesn’t actually exist yet? Like what happened with Free! and Miraculous Ladybug? (I almost got sucked into it with Ladybug, too — and then it turns out it’s going to be CG, very sad IMO…)

Yeah, that’s happening. The old Castlevania Diva is getting sucked into the excitement of IGA’s Kickstarter project, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and with me, you know what that means… (Although this is also a spiritual successor to Castlevania in a personal, artistically-onerous way as the stuff I’m picturing for it would probably work better as comics than prose.)

It’s probably a terrible idea, really. Anything I come up with now is sure to get Jossed as the actual game is developed, and at worst, if I come up with something I really love, I run the risk of ruining myself for the actual game, but I kind of can’t help it, and I figure if I record my ideas, I at least have a better chance of cannibalizing them for spare parts in later writing projects, so here goes, woot!

Ill-Advised Brainstorming )

Now I really should get caught up on all the Kickstarter updates and see how much I’ve been Jossed already…

EDIT TO ADD: Have a little backstory fan comic at tumblr! (Yes, IGA finally got me on tumblr.)
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