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Live in about 15 minutes:

(I'm not like totally crazy "want it day 1" type hyped, but still wanted to watch.)

ETA for the high points: $299.99 pricetag, March 3rd release with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available same day. Dual motion controls with advanced haptic feedback.
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My plan has been enacted and I have now finished the final fill of the 2016 book challenge! Now, I admit, the book I read was 120 pages long and written for a young audience, so temporally and intellectually I was going easy on myself, but trust me, in its own way this was a "book that intimidates you":

"Worlds of Power #3: Ninja Gaiden"

Thoughts, Etc. )

So, I made it! The book challenge was fun and worth doing, and I would do it again --- but not immediately. So not in 2017, but 2018? We'll see.
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So the "NX" reveal finally happened, and I'll have to stop saying "NX" and start saying "Nintendo Switch." Just a teaser trailer for now, there's a lot I'm still waiting to learn before I'm ready to hand over my money, but it looks damn sweet:

However, you see those controllers that slide on with that satisfying snap?

Those are called "Joy-Cons."

The rest of the branding was so good, too, but just... My first reaction was that that sounded vaguely naughty. Like that should really be the name of a sex toy. (It would be a good name for a sex toy.)

And then later I thought, well, they are smaller pieces of tech that attach to a larger piece of tech and enhance its power. They're like Mini-Cons. Made of Joy. So like, Nintendo's got some Transformers/Care Bears crossover fanfic going on here.

(And yes, I totally want the fan-art of Transformers with Care Bears and/or Nintendo controllerlets stuck all over them. Not enough to draw it myself, but it seemed worthwhile to share the mental image.)
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The ones that are a quandary, and the ones that have been (sort of) satisfied.

Investing in more game capabilities: GPU? Wii U? Wait for NX? )

At long last, PoPoLoCrois. )

Anyway, with the deck cleared of one epic game project, I feel like I can start on another one, and I plan for it to be Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Although I did go exploring what I can still get from the PlayStation web store for my PSP, just had to get the PS1 Classics version of Symphony of the Night, and in fiddling around with it I'm like "it has been way too long since I played this"...
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I remember when the PSP Go came out. No physical media?? I thought it was the worst idea ever and nothing could have induced me to buy one.*

Now, Nintendo has given me the 3DS eShop and it's the coolest thing ever, to the point that suddenly, I think I could give up cartridges with alarming ease.

I guess Sony just tried it too soon.

But anyway, one of the joys of the eShop is --- free demos! Which fits right in with how, in my previous big ol' video game rant I said I should dabble more, so I have, and a couple of these demos have stood out...

The titular two demos: Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default )
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Been too long since I posted. As usual.

I never did do a post-mortem on [community profile] insert_coin; I both wrote and received stories for Zelda II: The Adventure of Link; I think both stories came out very well!

And I think I overdid it on the book challenge and burnt myself out a bit, so I've been taking a break lately, but hopefully I'll get back into it soon.

The matching video game challenge I invented... Well, I never have fully committed to it, although it's given me some nice thoughts. But that feeds into the actual topic of my ramble, because...

I am in a really weird place when it comes to video games. )
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In the book-reading challenge I am in fact working on the "book you've been meaning to read," but a thought occurred to me and I wondered, what about a similar challenge for playing video games?

Thoughts under the cut... )
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Okay, so I still haven't finished Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Somehow I never got around to playing it while I was house-sitting last month and I picked a bad place to leave off, just having started the final dungeon (at this point I've practically run out of anything else to even do in the game). Basically, it's at a good point to really stress me out, and then I left it for long enough that I was worried about getting rusty and was even more incentivized to let it slide, but I don't want to just not finish it...

So tonight I finally fired it up. I just went in and got the next key, wasn't even that hard, but yeah, it stressed me out --- and it's completely irrational. The last thing I had to do was a puzzle where you have little clone images of yourself in a fixed formation and you have to maneuver them around an arrangement of blocks with one of those blade things going around it. I'd set up my formation so that my real self was as far from the blades as possible --- so not only was I in no real danger, Link was in no real danger. The worst possible outcome was screwing up the puzzle a bunch of times before getting it right (actual fail total: like 3 or 4). But my heart was pounding! What the hell?

It really doesn't help that I seem to have some kind of cardiac neurosis so that the "heart-pounding" sensation in itself scares the hell out of me. (I realize that "heart-pounding" is often used as a selling point, but for me, um, no, sorry.)

This is very frustrating because I like video games and I want to play them, and I especially want to play the kind that are most likely to stress me out --- adventures that have an action element and that I can emotionally invest myself in. But at the same time, sometimes I wonder, do I actually like video games, because I seem to hate what are supposed to be the best parts. Bosses (and in Minish Cap, dungeons more broadly) are not especially fun. Beating them doesn't really give me that rush of victory it's supposed to, at least not enough to even it all out. They're mostly just stressful ordeals I have to get through or the game won't let me continue.

Googling about video games and anxiety seemed to bring up approximately one reddit thread that was on point for the problem I have. The rest of the results were mostly praising either Depression Quest or the calming properties of Bejeweled (hidden objects seem to do that job for me lately).

I'm not sure what to do here. Take my xanax a half hour before playing? Exposure therapy via punishing old-school platformer? I dunno.


Oct. 28th, 2012 06:57 pm
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Still watching anime (I should blabber more about that soon), but thanks to [personal profile] synecdochic, I'm now hooked on Glitch. This is actually nice; not long ago I had been wanting to try an MMO, preferrably a 2-D sidescroller, but I chickened out of dealing with the inevitable griefers --- but this one is fun, addictive, and so far grief-free (in the gameplay, the developers gave you lots of ways to be friendly and few if any ways to be a jerkass, which I like, and so far no one's been a jerkass in chat, either). Those of you who played the Fairyland Facebook game back when, like, everything that was cool about that is in here with no stupid waterfights, plus there's 10,000% more awesomeness. And it's browser-based, no worries about installing and whatnot.

And a flapper headband coordinates with a Tibetan Buddhist robe better than you might expect, if I do say so myself...

At the link above you can try it without even signing up --- but if you do sign up it'll add me as your friend (character name LinnesetFox). This Glitch Strategy Wiki is also helpful.

On the downside, it's not Star Wars, but I'm having fun, thought I'd invite. ^_~


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