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Amid my current loving on Castlevania, I have admittedly some complaints, including this one I was thinking of recently:

Insufficient gay.

Okay, Harmony of Dissonance is right there for the taking (Lydie is looking like a third wheel by the end), but I don't actually do much with it, and that's about it as far as I know. It's really to be expected, but, mental note to watch out for other opportunities...

Because yeah, I like having GLBT characters and relationships in my stories. I don't like to think of myself as the stereotypical bishie-slashing fangirl, so I can feel kind of defensive about, say Remus and Sirius being my Harry Potter OTP. I'm trying to swear off TVtropes mostly because whenever they talk about what fanbases think and do it starts to sound really reductive and judgmental, and I'm overly sensitive about this whole game of categorizing and invalidating people, etc. (Yes, I ship Remus and Sirius and NOT because they're the perfect "seme/uke" set, their relationship is much more complex...) I guess such things aren't talking about me, as seriously as I take my fanfic. But being that I pursue fandom in a more hermit-like way, I wouldn't really know if that stereotypical fangirl even exists or if she deserves the hating she gets. Is it just another page out of "How to Suppress Women's Writing?" OMG, a place where women are writing en masse! But look what it is that they're writing; we can scoff at it safely...

In that kind of a vein, it also occurred to me as odd, in copyright law, that there is a unique protection accorded to parody. Not that parody is protected mind, but that said protection is unique. So you can engage in that kind of dialogue with copyrighted texts---but only if it's funny. Maybe there's something far more threatening about that kind of engagement with or claim on the material when it's serious in tone...

Yesterday, after starting this journal, I went diving in my LJ archives; turns out I was writing quite a bit until just the last several months or so. Why the delayed-reaction depressive dry-up I don't know, but it doesn't really matter anyway, does it? First impressions are that posting here is fun. That's the important part.

To circle back around to Castlevania (leaping wildly from topic to topic, wth), I still wish that it would resolve itself into a coherent project more. I've done a lot of the world-building and planned out a lot of how things go, but I'm not sure what to do with it now. Prose? Comics? Can I actually break my blockage and do either??


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