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Okay, after two Saturdays of punting, I finally got FY Mirrorverse ep. 36 up at Ao3 and at This chapter never cuts to the reader, which is a bit unusual. Next chapter is entirely spent with the Genbu Seishi, but that's actually one of the more exciting parts when I re-read it, so I don't think I'm necessarily dwelling too much on it.
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Fushigi Yuugi Mirrorverse Episode 35 is now up at and at Ao3. (Of course, it's the same stuff posted here under the nano2010 tag with only minor changes...)

I am now all but certain that this will be the only time Tetsuya gets speaking lines (and that he'll never actually get on camera; yes, we'll never see those sunglasses, much less his eyes...). But yeah, local color. I actually did want to get in things like what the food was like, how public opinion about their government's idiosyncracies isn't monolithic, etc. (the fun worldbuilding stuff that Konan and Kutou showed up to early to get).

In general, I think I must be bad at revising, but when I do the draft, I have to keep telling myself "it can be bad and that's okay, I can always fix it later..." And then once I have the draft, I like it and don't want to change more than details. I distinctly recall thinking that this part was clumsily hemming and hawing my way into a pitifully transparent plot point, but now I'm looking over it and thinking "no, I like all these scenes, I think they each serve a good function..."
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After falling off of even doing that for awhile, I posted the FY Mirrorverse episode 33 last Saturday and 34 this evening. Here it is at and at Ao3.

I had intended only to post through 33, but then I decided that if I wasn't drafting (which I haven't been lately), the least I could do was post, so I'll try to keep posting one every Saturday until 38 (through the Genbu chapters). There was also some rewriting I thought of doing and couldn't come up with anything for that was holding me back, and I finally just decided it wasn't necessary (so that bit with the Ghostly Genbu Seishi will probably stay as just a talky scene; I have some BS justifications, but it's mainly laziness/lack of inspiration...).

I've only gotten a couple of comments on the new stuff so far, both of them along the lines of "OMG I used to love this 'fic back when and now you're updating again, squee!" Given that might be the only kind of reader who would be interested at this point (the whole project seems a bit quixotic even to myself), but it felt pretty good.

BTW, the second Moribito novel? Also awesome.
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We were so overcast last night that I missed the lunar eclipse. I don't know how much of it I would have stayed up for anyway, but when I went out to check the visibility around midnight or one, I couldn't see a thing.

I've gotten pretty caught up in Kemono no Souja Erin (currently on ep 13) and am still very much enjoying it. I also remembered, probably part of what bumped it up to the top of the queue was awhile back randomly running into this: a fanvid trailer for the series which manages to make it look completely awesome. (The creator had initially done a parody of setting the soundtrack of Eragon's trailer to Erin footage; I haven't read or seen Eragon, but watching the two vids together makes it look much more shallow and trite, whether it really is or whether the pros have a shallow and trite idea of what appeals to people in a trailer---I suspect the latter is true in any case.)

I also went off (and am not yet done) on reading old-school Shoujo, trying to look up artists from the Year 24 Group and such. I'd never actually read Riyoko Ikeda before, but with this read Oniisama E and Claudine; after finding Andromeda Stories at the library awhile back, there was a bit more Keiko Takemiya, and I found some pretty amazing Hagio Moto short pieces. Like my first time reading Astro Boy or when I found Andromeda Stories, it was really fascinating to get this feeling like, oh, all this more recent stuff I've enjoyed, now I can see what's underneath that it's resting on---especially with Ikeda (although Oniisama E was downright over the top sometimes---once I broke myself up badly by literalizing one of those depictions of emotion into a MST comment: "She didn't even look at me once!" "That strips my clothes off and shatters my pelvis!"). However, since this also got me into some vintage shonen/shoujo-ai, it was also like DAMMIT MANGA LESBIANS, STOP DYING! Now I really feel bad about Mirrorverse Takiko... -_-;;

Speaking of the Mirrorverse, I haven't posted more draft of it in like a week now. I have only been inching along (maybe get through the holidays and then try to shape up), but it's enough to post, even if it is in the middle of things, so here goes:

Things are getting bad. )
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Just one more scene for now; the next one is even more intimidating to write...
When I realized we'd never seen Suboshi's power, I also thought there should maybe be a reason we hadn't seen it, and, um, here that is. Without his brother backing him up, he's a danger to himself and others; hey, maybe they're twins for a reason... (Fascination with the idea of a teke accidentally flinging themself around like this has actually been knocking around my head since even long before my FY phase, maybe even middle school.)

I'm not sure Chiriko ever, like, gets a big plot point, but I'm pretty satisfied with how much he's getting to do. We may never see that scroll Taiitsukun gave him, tho...

More story... )
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I still need to get one of my holiday cards ready to go, but today I managed to write more than a slight trickle. I think I got (once again) intimidated by the fight scene is part why it's taking so long.

But anyway, we finally see Suboshi's power! When I realized we'd never shown it, I thought I could change it to whatever I wanted, but I was still attached and went with a variation on our original plan of telekinesis. More on this to come...

Also, er, Ashitare's last line there at the end, I hated to do that, but I also wanted to do it and show that he's just that simple and direct.

Fight starts, Miboshi continues to be a bastard. )
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Today we went to the old college town then backtracked for more shopping in the smaller and more familiar state capital where my church is. I had one last library book to return (having scanned the one story I needed out of it for when and if I get back to my project of watching and reviewing Aoi Bungaku) which necessitated the trip, but after offering holiday cards (offer still open, look in my recent entries), I realized I didn't have any, and the hippie-inflected downtown area seemed like the perfect place to find good ones; indeed the first place I went, the peaceworks store, had something just lovely.

As for the rest, I'm trying to avoid buying even books and things I would otherwise want until after Christmas, and most of what makes it onto my wishlist isn't in stores anyway (Christmas convinced me to wait on Ooku #4; I told myself if they had Hero Tales #2 I'd get it, but I've only seen that in a store like one time...). Eating out choices were, as usual, reduced to the least common denominator of a crummy buffet.

Tomorrow I go to the dentist, which I'm looking forward to because one of the coil springs in my braces has rotated just wrong so that the end of it will hook the inside of my lip without liberal application of wax, and if I eat anything I have to bite off (like a sandwich), the said wax will be pushed out of place resulting in less pain than it sounds like, but still somehow an appetite-killing ordeal.

On a random note, the other day I finally did try going back to Hulu and watching Hero Tales, but actually I didn't make it through the first episode; not sure why. The first volume of the manga seems kind of schlocky, like as though someone said to themself "I think I'll create a shonen series of limited scope" and proceeded to competently do so, but there's some kind of emergent magic (to say "alchemy" would be cruel in this context) that just isn't there. (Let's see, so far, the hero is a standard issue hothead who I have no particular affection for, his sister has a kind of slapsticky power but doesn't rise to the awesomeness common to FMA's women... Oh, here's a bit-villain psycho lesbian who apparently doesn't wash her hair, that's certainly creative...) I still like the manga enough that I want to see it play out (see above), but somehow the anime, with the popping veins and the spurting black blood and the ridiculous thrown-through-stone-walls fight scene as the very first thing that happens, came across as much dumber. I should go back some other time and give it another chance... But I might want to read the comic first.

It might also be the mood I've been in. For as voracious as I was not long ago, I just don't feel like watching or otherwise consuming much of anything. Back when I was that voracious, I liked to think that it was a charging process and would eventually enable an output phase, and now I might like to think that has come to pass, but...

Writing has been slower than I'd like. However, I do have something done since last post, so here it goes...

Miboshi's viewpoint; ick. )
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I think I have settled (at least for now) on maintaining my initial plan of drafting the whole thing before polishing it up to post on and such, because, well, the truth is... I dislike commenters on the whole. So I considered that I am clearly able to continue on my own, and whether opening myself up for said commenters was more likely to energize me or mess with my motivation, and thought the latter much more likely.

Anyway, today is just a little scene to start off the next chapter...

It looked better on paper... )

The next scene should probably be Miboshi's viewpoint; ick. I also realized that with Keisuke busy researching (in position for his next plot point which is later), Mitsukake feeling better (same), and Hiro still asleep (yes, I want to wait and wake him up just in time for the worst possible freak-out), I have left myself nowhere to cut away to. The fight will involve cutting back and forth a lot between different characters and locations, tho, so...
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Politics has gotten so disgusting that on my iGoogle homepage I put the GoogleNews gadget on the Sci/Tech tab. I don't know what any of it is about, and that's a huge relief. I also think I dislike Lawrence O'Donnell as a TV personality/host. Keith or Rachel he ain't; the other night I ended up skipping darjeeling tea just to get away from the TV while Dad was watching him... (I might need a box of Twinings Irish Breakfast, tho, I love that stuff.)

Anyway, more FY Mirrorverse draft!

[Note for future reference: the story to date can be found at and under the NaNo2010 tag.]

My post-NaNo goal is not yet firm, but it's something like one thousand words per day (with more leeway for days off) and/or one chapter per week, so roughly halving the NaNo pace. Hopefully I can stick with it...

And one more scene from where I left off finishes another chapter )

***This right here, BTW, this is the danger of making your characters too powerful; you must then apply bulls**t to get them into trouble you need them to be in. This is exactly why, in all the Castlevania fanfic stuff, I never let Alucard turn into a mist like he does in the game.


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