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With encouragement from [personal profile] batman and as a complementary adaptation of the 2016 Reading Challenge, The 2016 Gaming Challenge is a go!

Since a good, meaty video game can be a bigger undertaking in its way than a book, I declare that six or more fills equals a win, but if you take the challenge, you yourself know best what score you want to shoot for!

Fill options include:

-A game released this year (2016)
-A game you can finish in a day
-A game you've been meaning to play
-A game chosen for you by a loved one
-A game you've previously abandoned
-A game that intimidates you
-A game you've already solved at least once
-A game with an unusual control scheme
-A game you should have played when it was first released
-A game released before 1990
-A game you own but have never played
-A game that has been the subject of controversy
-An award-winning game

(Yes, that's thirteen. I consider it a lucky number.)

If you're moved to invent additional bonus points, please share them!

Here we go!
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In the book-reading challenge I am in fact working on the "book you've been meaning to read," but a thought occurred to me and I wondered, what about a similar challenge for playing video games?

Thoughts under the cut... )


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