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I'm trying to get a Pandora station going with an East Asian feel -- lots of erhu and shamisen, that kind of thing.

I have to monitor it constantly or it veers off into new age boring stuff or really hip-hop-ified stuff. Like, I'm mostly letting Kitaro slide because the pickings are so slim, but I need a zero-tolerance policy on birdsong and loud backbeats.

Then it'll occasionally throw in European early music --- which I LIKE, but NOT HERE, OKAY?

OTOH, I hadn't heard of Jia Peng Fang before this, so that part's cool. (Maybe I should just save that YouTube playlist and call it a day, actually...)
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Me, writing anime fanfiction:

"I just keep worrying if I'm capturing these people's full complexity..."

::stops, blinks, suddenly amused at herself::


PS: Yes, of course it is a valid concern, but anything that can puncture my perfectionism is helpful for me.

PPS: And the title is because yes, of course this was inspired by the MST3K line from one of those cheesy mad scientist movies: "Those animals! They're using guinea pigs as guinea pigs!"
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My latest fill in the 2016 Book Challenge is the "book you should have read in school." As things turned out I interpreted it less as "book that should have been assigned reading" than as "book I wish to goddesses I'd had when I was that age," but here it is:

"Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls" by Jes Baker (aka The Militant Baker)

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So the "NX" reveal finally happened, and I'll have to stop saying "NX" and start saying "Nintendo Switch." Just a teaser trailer for now, there's a lot I'm still waiting to learn before I'm ready to hand over my money, but it looks damn sweet:

However, you see those controllers that slide on with that satisfying snap?

Those are called "Joy-Cons."

The rest of the branding was so good, too, but just... My first reaction was that that sounded vaguely naughty. Like that should really be the name of a sex toy. (It would be a good name for a sex toy.)

And then later I thought, well, they are smaller pieces of tech that attach to a larger piece of tech and enhance its power. They're like Mini-Cons. Made of Joy. So like, Nintendo's got some Transformers/Care Bears crossover fanfic going on here.

(And yes, I totally want the fan-art of Transformers with Care Bears and/or Nintendo controllerlets stuck all over them. Not enough to draw it myself, but it seemed worthwhile to share the mental image.)
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I let the 2016 Book Challenge slide for quite a while, but I'm back on the case with the "book that was banned at some point":

"Candide" by Voltaire

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Greetings to my assigned writer and other Yuletiders gracious enough to stop by! Hope you're having a good time! I've been doing Yuletide for several years now and it's become a beloved personal tradition --- so if you notice that my letter is 70% recycled material, well, that doesn't mean I love it all any less!

Likes, Do Not Wants, and prompts for Kemono no Souja Erin, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Chalice - Robin McKinley, and Toshokan Rocket )
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I'm doing Yuletide again. I've become quite committed to doing it every year as a personal tradition. (Like, it and one other exchange per year seems to be about right.)

Still planning my offers, and taking it as a push to explore some canons I'd been meaning to get to or thought would be good to see but never had. I should probably keep mum about what those are, but it's been fun, and I'm down to one thing I want to dive into before I finalize my plans.

I guess I can say some things I've looked into but decided not to offer, though.

I had been meaning to read A Redtail's Dream and am now about halfway through. Really liking it, but the Finnish cultural context is vital to it, and I don't know enough about that to competently write fic. So, crossed off the offer list but still open in a tab to finish reading soon. In general I have this annoyance where if I go into a comics store/section, I want to want something, but I can never find anything I actually want; webcomics are probably just a better place for me to look.

Also due to this I got around to playing the Stella Glow demo on my 3DS. Looks interesting (and very very anime), but I finally crossed it off the list due to the money and time commitment that playing it through in time to write something would entail. It's on my wishlist now, though.

Anyway, my Dear Author letter should be posted early next week. It'll mostly be prompts recycled from previous exchanges, but what the heck.
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I love the word "generative/generativity" as I've seen it used lately, although it does make me a bit sad that we've apparently mucked "creativity" up to the point we have to make a whole new word to say "like that without all the baggage/BS."

I'm back

Jul. 18th, 2016 07:37 am
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I'm back home from my adventure. I don't feel up to the details right now, but it was awesome.
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My lovely Unitarians are sending me to a week of church leadership training, so I'll be away until probably the 18th or so.
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The ones that are a quandary, and the ones that have been (sort of) satisfied.

Investing in more game capabilities: GPU? Wii U? Wait for NX? )

At long last, PoPoLoCrois. )

Anyway, with the deck cleared of one epic game project, I feel like I can start on another one, and I plan for it to be Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Although I did go exploring what I can still get from the PlayStation web store for my PSP, just had to get the PS1 Classics version of Symphony of the Night, and in fiddling around with it I'm like "it has been way too long since I played this"...
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I finally finished PoPoLoCrois for PSP! Dang, how many months did that take? (Took about 45 hours on the game clock in the end.)

Will have to post in more detail later...
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Thursday I was in a local thrift store and saw an original-model Game Boy Advance for $3, complete with a game stuck in it. At that price I couldn't resist taking a chance on it, although I didn't expect much.

(I also bought a self-consciously daring backless dress, but that's a story for another time.)

Anyway, the GBA and the shocking revelations it revealed!

Tinkering Win; Counterfeit-avoidance Fail )
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My latest fill in the 2016 Book Challenge is the "book you own but have never read." OMG SO MANY OF THESE YOU GUYS. But the one I went with:

"A Rare Benedictine: The Advent of Brother Cadfael" by Ellis Peters

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I remember when the PSP Go came out. No physical media?? I thought it was the worst idea ever and nothing could have induced me to buy one.*

Now, Nintendo has given me the 3DS eShop and it's the coolest thing ever, to the point that suddenly, I think I could give up cartridges with alarming ease.

I guess Sony just tried it too soon.

But anyway, one of the joys of the eShop is --- free demos! Which fits right in with how, in my previous big ol' video game rant I said I should dabble more, so I have, and a couple of these demos have stood out...

The titular two demos: Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default )
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I took a couple months off from the book challenge, but I'm back on the job with the "book published this year":

"Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars (Even When They Lose Elections)" by Stephen Prothero

Kind of a clickbaity title, huh?

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Oh, and I owe you all a post about video game demos, too.
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Been too long since I posted. As usual.

I never did do a post-mortem on [community profile] insert_coin; I both wrote and received stories for Zelda II: The Adventure of Link; I think both stories came out very well!

And I think I overdid it on the book challenge and burnt myself out a bit, so I've been taking a break lately, but hopefully I'll get back into it soon.

The matching video game challenge I invented... Well, I never have fully committed to it, although it's given me some nice thoughts. But that feeds into the actual topic of my ramble, because...

I am in a really weird place when it comes to video games. )
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First, random note, Natsume Yuujinchou is getting another season! OMG I'm so happy!!

But anyway, book challenge.

I'm late logging this one, but my latest fill was the "book you've already read at least once":

"A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" by Mary Wollstonecraft

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My next fill in the 2016 Book Challenge is the "book published before you were born":

"Kindred" by Octavia Butler

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