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Okay, that fic I said I had drafted last week --- I think I've done what I can do with it on my own and it's time to ask for (an)other pair(s) of eyes.

The basics:

Word Count: About 10k
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona --- but the story also heavily involves mental health issues so if someone would be willing to look at it from that angle, I would appreciate it, canon knowledge or no.
Rating: T, I think. (see draft tags for more info)
Desired Harshness: Honest but Gentle; I'm serious about this but I'm also super self-conscious and socially anxious. Framing suggestions as "I" statements seems to help.

The details:

Title: Medicine and Poison
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona
Characters: Jae-ha, Yoon, Four Dragon Warriors, Garou (in flashbacks)
Additional: chapter 134 feels, Between Chapters, Spoilers through manga chapter 135, Headcanon: Jae-ha has an anxiety disorder, Anxiety Attacks, Injuries, Medical Treatment, Flashbacks, Implicit Sex, (some pillow-talk goes wrong), Drug Use, Child Abuse, Restraints, Mental Health Stigma, Horror, Hanging, (the scariest time Jae-ha saw ghosts), And if you’ve ever wondered why he’s so damn cagey…, But also shooting for canon-typical hopefulness and flashes of humor, Hurt/Comfort, Blanket Permission
Locked in a cell in Xing, Jae-ha must deal not only with his fresh injuries but also with an old problem: the paralyzing treachery of his own mind. It draws him into memories of one of the darkest moments of his past, but in the present, Yoon and the other dragons need him — and he needs them.
Note: This story assumes and refers to events from Not All Chains are Forged of Iron, but they’re a minor element; it’s not required reading.

I have it ready to go on GDocs, or let me know what format you prefer. (I don't use Word but can probably fake it with LibreOffice or something.)
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