Apr. 14th, 2017

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The new season of MST3K is now live on Netflix!

I said I was going to wait until today but I don't know who I was kidding; as soon as I had the early backer access I was wallowing in it --- although I did switch to Netflix when it went live to show my support.  I'm halfway through the season now and enjoying it!  The movie riffs in particular really hit the ground running.

It's actually kind of shot my week all to heck.  I probably won't make my chosen weekly goal on my WIP Big Bang story, and my anime viewing has been put on hold while I binge on MST (and may stay on hold afterward while I decide whether to cram Voltron: Legendary Defender into my free month of Netflix).

At this point I've pretty much decided to embrace the binge --- like, the fastest way past it is through it.  And what the heck, my favorite TV show ever being revived after 18 years is a special occasion.

Meanwhile in anime news, Hyouka has finally been licensed!  Man I loved that show -- haven't watched a whole lot of KyoAni stuff, but of what I've seen that's by far my favorite.  Will be on the lookout for the DVD release.


foxinthestars: cute drawing of a fox (Default)

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