Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Well, looks like I'm posting irregularly these days. I've actually been feeling depressed and disorganized lately, especially since Daylight Savings Time started here in the US. Plus my anxiety has been worse for even longer than that (like it's been harder to get myself to drive). But various things march on...

I'm poking at tumblr more and trying to figure out how it works, now that I have a fandom to tempt me (AkaYona). All still very new to me...

Exchange-wise, Night on Fic Mountain's tagset isn't tempting me, but I am seriously considering signing up for [ profile] wipbigbang.

Still working on fics, slowly but surely...

And after staking out the store where I have credit for weeks to no avail, I've just about talked myself out of buying Zelda: Breath of the Wild immediately. See the above anxiety flareup; it's going to make playing video games that much harder (or make the choke points in them that much more brutal at least), and while I acknowledge the coolness of the new game's "experiment (and die a lot)" approach, for me personally it sounds more stressful than fun right now. So like, I'm in a place where I *want* to want to play this a lot more than I actually do want to play it, it's rather pricy just to get for collection value, and if I do find myself wanting to play it, I'd be shocked if they took it out of the eShop anytime soon and I even have enough free space on my Wii U for it, so I don't have to worry about missing it for good (ah, the glories of digital distribution). I do want it enough that it's a nice thing to leave on my wishlist, though.

Without that demand on my toy money, I am becoming tempted by a Kindle Paperwhite...
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One of the things I love about Akatsuki no Yona is that it seems like often, when I find myself afraid that some tired bullshit is about to happen, it somehow gets averted or mitigated.

Cut for examples... )


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