Jan. 16th, 2017

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Something I've accepted about myself is that, while I love video games, I relate to them primarily through watching. I do like to play a game "casually" now and then, but my anxiety issues get in the way of playing them enough to satisfy my craving for them. But this is the age of YouTube! I can watch pretty much any game any time! For fannish canon-consumption/review purposes, I prefer uncommented longplays (World of Longplays is a good source; here's their YouTube channel)...

But I also love me some speedruns, and I especially love the Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathons! The winter one, Awesome Games Done Quick, just ended for 2017, and the videos are now up on YouTube: here's the playlist. I'm not very far into the list yet, but I've already enjoyed watching them break Ocarina of Time 3D and watching the very exciting Shovel Knight and Mega Man 1 races.

I discovered the Summer Games Done Quick archive last year (featuring blindfolded Symphony of the Night). Again, lousy ISP means streaming the events in real time isn't a thing for me, but dang, it's fun to catch up!


foxinthestars: cute drawing of a fox (Default)

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