Jan. 11th, 2017

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Desktop computer is still in the shop. Waiting for the shop to call is stressful.

I didn't so much decide as observe after the fact: I'm pretty much on news blackout right now. I can't help a certain amount coming in because my Dad watches it all the time, and I'm still trusting the internet to pass along anything hugely important, but it all feels really raw. Even news sources I would normally be aligned with aren't something I have spoons for at this point.

On the upside, I ordered myself some translated manga volumes so I'll be caught up on the English releases of Yona (which currently stand at vol. 3 of 22, thank goodness for scanlations), and to start giving my Natsume Yuujinchou collection some love again.

While I was looking at my manga collection and deciding for sure what I wanted, it struck me that I had the old TokyoPop volumes of Loveless and hadn't read them in years, and I figured I'd take a look and see if I still liked it enough to hang onto it or even catch up. Long story short, probably not. More under the cut with vague allusions to BDSM, underage, and general WTFery. )
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Computer drama continues. Finally got the call that the desktop was ready, made the drive and picked it up, brought it home --- and it won't start up. Call the shop again in the morning... (This place has always been good before, honest.) [ETA: forgot to note, my portable hard drive where I actually keep my stuff was pronounced healthy, so having that back is a big help at least.]

On the comic relief side, though, guilty admission... Stuff like this is my catnip. Not the show, mind, which I haven't seen (although apparently the same people made K, whose first episode left me very cold). Reviews like this. Catnip. And good laughs.

Some choice bits:

"The extent of how mind-numbingly bad Hand Shakers is kind of just leaves you stunned. It's not even the kind of bad that would make you angry. It mostly just makes you question your life decisions up until that point, and wonder if there's a slight gas leak in your apartment." -Bamboo Dong

"It shouldn't really be possible for anime, because of its low framerate, to start showing signs of horrible decision-making in the time it takes you to blink twice in disbelief. But [...]" -Jacob Chapman

"[T]hese color atrocities are generally accompanied by a sense of direction and composition inspired by the sensation of being tossed drunkenly out of a bar. The specificity of that inspiration is important - GoHands shows don't just look drunk, they look like they are drunk while falling down a set of stairs. The GoHands experience is like being beaten to death by a Lisa Frank trapper keeper." -Nick Creamer

And a bonus, from Anime Feminist's preview:

"[One character's] breasts frequently look like water balloons containing eels fighting desperately to escape their airless grave." -Amelia Cook

Gods, if I had internet access that could actually do streaming, I might just have to watch the damn thing.


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