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I did indeed sign up for [ profile] wipbigbang.  Signups are now closed and the first check-in is this coming Sunday, so I need to get cracking now!  (This is actually my first big bang, so I'll have to see how it goes.)

Also this week is the premiere of the return of MST3K!  Yesterday, I got to see a preview of the first new episode and, well, it's MST3K.  The initial scenes at Gizmonic didn't quite click for me as a narrative hook, but the new Mads and their skull helmet band are already charming me (I swear the band was riffing on the Wild Rebels Cereal jingle at some point).  Jonah and the bots are --- well, they're an MST crew.  They haven't wowed me yet but they're doing fine, and this show has had cast changes before.  They always take a bit to settle but they've always been great.  It's nice to see Gypsy actually performed by a woman and possibly being a bit more free to act (what was with the cooler she brought into the theater?), and I did enjoy the international monster rap and got it stuck in my head.  The first movie, Reptilicus, was almost too cheesy to really shine, but the commentary was good.  So far, well, this is MST3K --- nothing more, nothing less.  And in my book, that's awesome.

The new season premieres for real this Friday on Netflix, so I signed up for a free trial to see if it would work, and miracle of miracles it actually did, despite my crappy ISP!  (I also get downloads as a backer bonus, but I'll watch it on Netflix first for convenience and to show my support.)  The good news is that it works; the bad news is that, browsing around, I had the feeling my tastes were too niche for it to be worth the money on an ongoing basis.  So like, I'll watch the new MST season and maybe try Voltron: Legendary Defender and then probably cancel because I'd rather be watching niche anime and trying period/costume Kdramas.

Between the Big Bang starting and the MST squee, though, I may have to be more ruthless with the new anime season and set a higher bar for sampling and watching so I don't get overstretched.

Date: 2017-04-10 07:02 pm (UTC)
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Browsing on Netflix doesn't actually show you what is available. It shows you a subset of what's available based on demographic information (including location), and it's really hard to locate other stuff. Which is to say that it's worth searching a few titles, just to see.

Most of the Asian stuff they've got is DVD only, though, and they're bad about replacing lost DVDs, but I'd be surprised if they didn't have something streaming.


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